syed hamid mohsin

Syed Hamid Mohsin is the Managing Director of a leading advertising company in Bangalore.

He founded the Salaam Centre in 2008; he has been actively engaged in promotion of interfaith dialogue and communal harmony through dissemination of the positive understanding of Islam. He has pioneered the use of multime dia and modern communication methodology in conveying the message of the Quran to the masses.

In the book in your hand, Islam: Facts vs. Fictions, the author discusses a wide range of misunderstandings about Islam and Muslims. Some of them are in the nature of innocent misgivings while a lot many are outcome of mischievous misinformation. The author has painstakingly gathered colossal amount of facts and debunks the fallacies spread by the quarters interested in maligning Muslims and Islam.

This is the second book written by him. The earlier book titled Follow Me: God will love you, was received with great appreciation in all quarters of people. Meant for both, Muslims as well non-Muslims, it presented a sketch of the life, mission, achievements and attributes of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. Mohsin has made it the mission of his life to remove misgivings about Islam and Muslims and promote love, compassion, brotherhood and fraternal relations between communities.

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